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Thursday, January 26, 2006
Spine Found!
One spine, at least:

Kerry will try Alito filibuster
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. John Kerry will attempt a filibuster to block the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, CNN has learned.

Kerry, in Davos, Switzerland, to attend the World Economic Forum, was marshaling support in phone calls during the day, Democratic sources told CNN.

Sources say Kerry talked to a group of Democratic senators Wednesday, and urged that they join him. He also has the support of fellow Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy.
At last someone steps up to the plate -- President Gore's successor.

Good afternoon, folks. Evening, I should say. Would have still been afternoon except Blogger was down.

And in a shameless attempt at audience-stealing, Oprah's author-bashing show was interrupted in the Chicago area by a useless Bush "press conference" labelled as breaking news. I have no idea what Bush wanted to say, but he could hardly have chosen a more opportunistic time, except maybe the night Oprah was on Letterman.

But I was printing all afternoon, and yesterday too. And, in the uncanny way I have of detecting good weather, will be printing tomorrow when it's supposed to be in the 50s.

Ah, well.

Again, thank you, Mr. Kerry. I may send some money to the Democratic Party on the strength of it.

You can call your senator and tell him or her that you support Kerry's call. List of numbers here. Thanks, Atrios, for the suggestion.

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