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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
A Rove By Any Other Name
... is still a Bush:

Bush to visit spy agency, defend surveillance
The White House says the program is not domestic spying, since one end of the phone call or e-mail is always outside the United States. A better term, the president said Monday, would be the “terrorist surveillance program.”

Congress holds hearings starting Feb. 6 on whether the president has exceeded his authority.
Haw haw haw haw haw haw!!

And a better term for president would be dictator.

War is peace, work is play, etc.

And here we go again, Part 1, Katrina Department, Stonewalling Division:
WASHINGTON -- The White House is hampering a Senate inquiry into the government's response to Hurricane Katrina by barring administration officials from answering questions and by not handing over documents, senators leading the probe said yesterday.

In some cases, staff members at the White House and other federal agencies have declined to be interviewed by congressional investigators, said the top Republican, Susan M. Collins of Maine, and the rankranking Democrat, Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut.
Yes, there's a lot of backpedalling and soft-talking in the statement, but even this pair is a little pissed:
''We are entitled to know if someone from the Department of Homeland Security calls someone at the White House during this whole crisis period," Collins said. ''So I think the White House has gone too far in restricting basic information about who called whom on what day."

She also said that it ''is completely inappropriate" for the White House to bar agency officials from talking to the Senate committee.
No more campaign bribes contributions for you, Ms Fancy Pants.

Finally, they're at it again, predicting that the Alito nomination is in the bag. I say, if ever there was time for a filibuster, now is it. They're having the final "debates" now, so call your senators!

UPDATE: Planned Parenthood's SaveRoe.com blog is blogging the debate and related issues.

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