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Saturday, January 28, 2006
Geeky Goodness, Cont.
The plan as executed:

I simplified it just a little because I wimped out and got scared. The thing about aquatinting is that you have to trust your timed test strips because you really can't proof until the whole plate is done. There are people who are talented at scraping off a badly done aquatint and redoing it, but that's not me.

The next time I try something this complex, I'll have to bring in an Ipod to block out the sound of chattering printmakers. I print in a shared shop with much to-ing and fro-ing, dropped plates, laughter and good conversation.

Hmmmm.... think I can claim an Ipod as a tax deduction because I need it for my aquatints?

Only if I have art income to offset it against, I guess.

So watch this space for Fresh Paint's appearance in stores everywhere*

*Not exactly everywhere, but you can find me at the new store, sacred art, at 2040 west roscoe street(1 1/2 blk west of damen), in chicago

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