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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Harbingers of Something
When I left the print studio this afternoon a few flakes of snow were drifting down. By the time I got home, the snow had stopped, but my front lawn and the entire corner of the street was covered with what from a distance looked like gray snow.

Birds! Maybe a thousand pouty puffy-chested gray things -- sparrows? I think of sparrows as small, so what were these? They were pecking away frantically at the ground, trying to eat as fast as they could. I took a step toward them and they were gone, circling up and away.

Ho boy, I thought. The birds know something. We're getting a big snow.

So all afternoon it came in blinding waves, then stopped, skies cleared, sun almost came out. Then again. It's been so mild this winter I've nearly forgotten how it snows around here so close to the lake.

Maybe I'll get to wear my new boots yet this year.

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