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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Doesn't Look Like Much
I know, I know.

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This is the new litho image on the stone I grained last week. Drawing was very light, so the print is very light, too. I tend to overink everything, so will be trying to keep things light and airy. I'm calling it "Years", for a lot of reasons we need not talk about at the moment. It will shortly be printed in many different colors, and perhaps be overprinted with a face. I've been fighting a bit of a cold -- shivvery and achy -- and have no energy to blog much more right now about it.

Good afternoon, friends. I hope you in Illinois remembered to register to vote for the March primary fights (which look to be knock-down, drag-out matches). As you undoubtedly know, you're still registered if you haven't moved since the last time you voted (or registered to vote even if you didn't, and if so, shame on you). But you'll still have a chance to register for the November elections, starting the day after the primary when registration re-opens. I'll let you know ahead of time, as always.

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