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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
... it's Spring!

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No, no... I mean, Scott's gone from Idol! Yes! At last! Tho I do think the blond kid (whatever his name is) should have been dumped. He won't be and will probably make it all the way, the way things are going.

Anyway, drew these daffodils earlier today. Felt nothing in my soul, utterly drained from too much art (or perhaps a little scratchy throat which may lead to a cold), so visited my EAC Benefit piece (see link to the side) and found that 2 people have already bid on it. And I don't recognize the names! Still nearly 2 weeks to go before The Big Night. I hope you all will show up.

Or if not, you'll go to the Anchor Graphics benefit this Saturday. Likely to be lots of good stuff. They're about the best print shop in town.

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