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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Not Printing Today, Shivering Instead
Good morning, my pretties. I have now guaranteed the entire midwest an assured stretch of bland and blameless 80-degree days, since my furnace conked out over the last few days and I will be waiting here for the repair guy to suck billions from my account instead of printing.

I tried to get them to take my cellphone number so they could call as they approached the house and I could race and be there for them, but no. "Between 1 and 4:30" is all they could promise, which means 4:29, or the minute right after you've given up and raced to the store for some half-and-half.

I hear you all making those snide remarks about, well, if I'd been doing more knitting and sweater-making I wouldn't complain about the cold....

and you're probably right. The gray sweater is still without a neck.

But it's 40 degrees out and my hands are shivering. My gloves are in the car, but my bed is still warm, which is where you (and the heater guy) may find me shortly.

I will leave you with this, however.

The guy who owns the building housing the Line Drive Gallery (see below) was shocked and appalled at the pornography being hung on the walls, so all the studio nudes I spoke of were herded into a separate room and hung ceiling to floor salon-style with a row of sculpted terracotta nudes looking on. It is hilarious. I will get a snap of it for you. One of the painters (who is also a figure model) raced out and created the button above for us all to wear. And so we did, and felt edgy for once in our little lives.

There you go. Now I must burrow.

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