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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Collaborative Art Site
Check out kollabor8 (thanks Sylvia):
Each chain is meant to be an open digital image mutation collaboration, displayed like threads in a forum. Each link in the chain should be in some way a derivative of the previous image.

Members can participate in 2 ways.

1) Add to a chain by: Download the last image in a chain, work on it for a short time in software of choice, then upload new image to the same chain.

2) Start a new chain: Upload artwork, digital photos, scans, or other images of your own, with the understanding that you are inviting other members to start mutating the image.
Would be nice to be able to get all spidery or viral with this stuff too, so that new chains can be created off individual elements (though the .jpg of choice could be copied to its own new chain, I suppose).

Anyway, is interesting, and so thought others might like to play the game. Am off to print in a few minutes after having accomplished little this morning except to drink coffee.

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