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Saturday, October 02, 2004
Tour of Wisconsin Continues
If it's Saturday it must be Waukesha.

Have you ever been there? I never had before. It is the sweetest little city, very old, with narrow little streets you'll never get an SUV down, brick pavements, winding paths and little shops, everything at the wrong angles to each other, and then you run into a railroad track, or a river, or a hill, and have to go the wrong way again.

The Democratic Party office is in one of these charming little storefronts with a tin ceiling and the usual everything else. This week's pizza was the best so far, with a crust that practically disappeared before you finished chewing through it.

Our group of Illinois For Kerry travellers had many many extras this time, so our Evanston bus went to Milwaukee and we individual drivers loaded up cars and split off for Waukesha. And the Chicago bus and drivers? We have no idea. I'll try to track them down.

We were told that this area was heavily Republican, so it was a real challenge. Even so, I think we did very well, or rather the people of Wisconsin have done well for themselves. A lot of folks talked to us about the debates, and how they couldn't believe their eyes when they saw how badly Bush did. I think it seriously shook a few people. One woman said she was still leaning toward him but she was definitely planning on watching the rest of the debates, and had watched her senate debates (Feingold / Michaels) and was very impressed with Feingold. I think others felt the same way. I managed to find 14 solid Democrats vs 9 solid Republicans. Not bad, I'm thinking, considering something like 30 simply weren't home.

Either I'm getting used to this now, and don't feel so wiped out, or the crisp, beautiful weather kept me going.

And politics collided with art as we were packing up to go -- the Fall Art Crawl started right across the street from the Dem Office (and is probably still going on) -- where all the little shops open up -- and they had easels set up and were painting on the sidewalks! I snapped a few shots I will post tomorrow. I wanted to stay longer, but had 3 other travellers I had to drive home. Win some, lose some. But I'll be happy to go back and play tourist some other time.

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