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Sunday, October 03, 2004
Not a Perfect Person
... says his wife. "Close, but not perfect."

Nice long article with many quotes about Barack Obama, shortly to become the next senator from Illinois. Those of us who have read his memoir know about some of his bad habits (like smoking) that he's tried hard to break. But I didn't know about the Scrabble and the socks..... (eeeeuuuwww).

Obama: 'I've got a competitive nature'
Mike Ramos, a childhood buddy, says Obama was also generous with material possessions. He remembers admiring a Batik dyed shirt Obama brought back from a trip to Indonesia. "And he goes, 'Here, you can have it,' and just gave it to me," says Ramos, 44.

"I don't know if he was actually wearing it at the time, but you know, literally the shirt off his back," Ramos says, chuckling at the memory.
I wrote about Obama's visit to Evanston here (with pictures) and also here.

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