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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Backbone Lengthens
Missouri Joins Illinois, Wisconsin in Drug-Import Program Tapping Suppliers in Canada, Europe
CHICAGO (AP) - Missouri joined Illinois and Wisconsin in a new drug-import program to make cheaper prescription drugs available from Canada and Europe despite a federal ban on the imports.

Missouri Gov. Bob Holden [ed. Democrat] appeared with Gov. Rod Blagojevich [ed. also Democrat] at a news conference Thursday in Chicago to announce Missouri's participation in the I-SaveRx drug program. Illinois and Wisconsin [ed. Gov Doyle is Democrat too] launched it this month to offer savings on about 100 medications of up to 50 percent off U.S. retail prices.
Ah, those do-nothing Democrats are at it again. Never looking out for the working stiff, never giving a shit about seniors and people who need expensive, ongoing drug treatment.

If Bush gets elected, maybe we can secede and form our own country -- Midwestia? Miswinois?

Good afternoon, all. Saw this and felt happy, and so didn't call this entry "The Other Cheek" (i.e., the nether one). Did the Burger King drive thru just now with all my bumper stickers, pins, and signs in the back window (for Obama and Lee Goodman) and as I was munching my first fry while driving off, the guy at the window whistled, and I saw he was giving me the finger in the rearview mirror.

I was tempted to call his manager and get him fired, or call the Burger King himself and complain, but then I realized, who's the loser here?

This poor idiot is making minimum wage, or maybe a couple of nickels above, most likely doesn't have health insurance, possibly has dependents, may be a drop-out (it's during the day, after all) or barely a diploma, and he thinks Bush loves him. Or Keyes. Or Mark Kirk. Let me tell you, sir, how mistaken you are.

Am completely convinced that the idiot gene and the Republican gene are linked, as a fellow I drove to Wisconsin once claimed.

I may have written about it before. I am getting forgetful in my agedness, and the sheer number of blathers I've written since February (nearly 650). And I'm closing in on my 10,000-th page view, something I never dreamed possible.

So, if you suddenly find yourself covered with confetti and streamers sometime today or tomorrow, you're The One.

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