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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Here We Go Again
California Broadcaster Donates $325,000 in Air Time to GOP Committees
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - One of the state's biggest broadcasters has given 13 Republican county committees $325,000 worth of free air time to promote candidates on its radio and television stations throughout California.
A spokesman for Pappas said the Federal Communications Commission has reviewed the donations and determined that they do not trigger provisions of federal law that require broadcasters to give all candidates equal broadcast time.

The FCC did not respond to calls placed after hours Monday.
Luckily no one is listening to this crap.

Granted, I don't watch much TV (and don't have cable) so I've only seen 2 commercials since the last of the Blair Hull spots long ago, back in March. One was for Melissa Bean (fighting against Phil Crane -- go work for her, if you aren't going to a swing state). The other was for Barack Obama, but mostly it was a feel-good unity commercial, just to remind people who he is, since he's mostly elsewhere at the moment. (Not a complaint). Which may mean that he'll only get 65 percent of the vote, rather than 80 or 90.

Naw.... it'll be 80 or 90. There's still one more debate, after all. And it's with Alan Keyes.

Night night.

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