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Sunday, October 24, 2004
Keyes Encounters Greatness, and Other Tales
Let's review:

Yesterday, busses carrying hundreds of volunteers scattered hither and yon for GOTV activities. An email this morning reports
Perhaps the most memorable moment occured when two buses covered in Kerry-Edwards paraphernalia and loaded with chanting volunteers drove right past a befuddled-looking Alan Keyes in downtown Chicago. (Yes, this actually happened. But he looked like he was used to hearing deafening "Obama! Obama!" cheers everywhere he went!)
I drove this time, setting out early, and so was much befuddled by fog, drizzle, and then lashing downpours that cleared almost the minute we arrived at our actual canvass site, and the weather turned douce, balmy, 70 degrees, astonishingly lovely.

Before that, we had to survive the parking lot at the SEIU Hall where I (apparently) managed to sideswipe some guy without noticing it, or he sideswiped me, who then had to chase me all over (I thought at first he was a Bush person, and deeply apologize for being a jerk). But it will be resolved, and I've stopped shaking.

The Undecideds are finally coming home to roost, and roosting precariously on Kerry's shoulder, though some are still skittish.

One young woman said, "I like the Democrats' ideas and plans, but I just don't like Kerry."

I asked, "Is there anyone you do like?"

"John Edwards," she replied.

I closed the sale right there, quickly and easily.

Another fellow was concerned that Kerry was too rich, and how can someone that rich care about him? I pointed out that you can be poor and be a real jerk, and that rich people can have feelings of compassion and a sense of responsibility. After all, Kerry didn't have to volunteer for Viet Nam, he could have come back, shut up, and become a rich corporate lawyer, etc. Finally, with a sob in his voice, he said, "I'd just like to not have to choose the lesser of 2 evils for a change!"

After comforting him, I said, "Yes, but we do have to have a president, you know, whether you vote or not. Better you vote."

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