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Friday, October 22, 2004
If You Missed It
Rebroadcast times for Obama/Keyes "debate":

League of Women Voters of Illinois
These television and radio stations will rebroadcast the debate on the dates/times listed:

WEIU-TV Charleston 24-Oct 5:00 P.M.
WFIW-AM/FM/WOKZ-FM Fairfield 22-Oct 10:00 AM
WMEC/WQEC/WSEC Springfield 26-Oct 7:00 PM
WMIX-AM Mt. Vernon TBA

KHQA-TV Quincy 23-Oct 1-2:00 PM
WHBF-TV Rock Island 21-Oct 11:35 PM
WIFR-TV Rockford 23-Oct 10:30 PM
WNOI-TV Flora 24-Oct 7:00 PM
WREX-TV Rockford 23-Oct 12:30 PM
In addition, ABC 7 Chicago has a replay of the debate available on their website in Windows Media format.
Good morning, people. I'm so pleased the debate is going to be rebroadcast, since it'll be a great opportunity to see what a jerk Keyes is, and what "smelly toads" the Republicans are for thinking they could do no better than this to represent one percent of the country and fifty percent of Illinois.

Reports are coming in already about serious problems with voting machines and various attempts at suppressing the vote. One technique is someone calling you up and telling you the wrong place to vote. If you get a call like this, call your local Democratic Party Office immediately, and also call them at:

1-866-OUR VOTE

See the Election Protection website for more information.

Also, people of Wisconsin should call

1-866-WI POLLS (1-866-947-6557)

if they see problems. At the rally last week we were told that all the polling places will have a lawyer available to handle problems immediately, but it's better to handle them in advance, and to have them know that millions of eyes are watching them at all times.

Wisconsin is still looking for lawyers to help with the protection effort. You can email the following:

protect (at) wisdems (dot) org

if you can help. I've been told you need not be a member of the Wisconsin bar to do this.

I will put this info up on the side shortly. Back later.

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