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Friday, October 15, 2004
Rove Slithers In, Slithers Away
Bush Political Adviser Rove Testifies Before Grand Jury in CIA Leak Probe

Now I understand:

John Kerry was the source of the Valerie Plame leak. Of course. Why didn't I realize it before?

Why else would Rove waste his time for 2 hours when he could be pulling the wings off flies or popping that October Surprise into the oven?

Good evening, folks. Exciting day fighting for each and every vote, but spent most of it in art activities, slides etc. for a show. I can spend hours looking at the same shot of the same painting before deciding I hate it and hate myself too. That times 20 explains much of my silence over the past few days, since the deadline is next week.

And spent some time yesterday in that most joyous of volunteer activities: putting stickers on hundreds, thousands of GOTV cards to be delivered by hand to every voter in every ward and every precinct in the city. This is why thousands of volunteers are needed.

At some point you begin to get resentful. Why can't these damn idiots get to the polls themselves? How can they not realize it's Election Day? But then you stick another sticker on a card and think about something else.

Barack Obama's troops are joining with Jan Schakowsky's this weekend for a massive campaign to get Melissa Bean elected in the 8th Congressional District, currently kept warm by Phil Crane, who has done nothing for the northern suburbs since he took over his seat from Don Rumsfeld (yes, dear Rummy himself).

It's supposed to be chilly this weekend, so the Bean people will need lots of friends to keep them warm. Check out the links on the side and go do something. Obama's blog has details, as does Bean's site.

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