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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
You probably threw it away with all the other junk stuffed in the middle of the Sunday NYT. I have no idea if it was distributed with the Sunday Chicago Tribune, because we're not speaking these days.

But a "Special Advertising Supplement to the New York Times" called "Chicago Life 11.2.04" has a few interesting articles sprinkled amongst ads for nursing homes, items for the metrosexuals on your shopping list, and, of course, flooring.

In particular, "What Ever Happened to the Republican Party in Illinois," a fairly lengthy article by Aricka Flowers, gives the duo of Steve Rauschenberger (R-Elgin) and John Hoffman, interim executive director of the Illinois Republican Party a big, empty platform on which to make themselves look particularly good, Judy, bad, and do a tiny bit of rewriting of history at the same time.

For example, on the Jack Ryan issue, Rausch says, "I think Judy Baar Topinka emotionally reacted [ed. code for silly, hysterical female]. She's a great lady, but she hasn't been party chairman that long, and I think she made a mistake."

His thoughts on the future of the party are particularly fun:
"One of the real problems is that we don't have a farm system... None of them [former Republican governors] developed proteges for the party. All they really did was self-promote. It's been a long-time frustration for younger Republicans like myself that the leadership is all about personal gain and not about building the Republican Party in Illinois."
So selfless, but he was too poor, and so was passed over.

Hoffman, however, has a fascinating idea for a farm team:
"For example, the party has been trying to help promote Erica Herald, the former Miss America from 2003. She was a delegate for Illinois at the convention and actually spoke to the full convention. She is the type of person we'd like to see get more involved in the party."
I'm so sure. After a discussion of Keyes and conservatism, ("Most people self-identify as being politically conservative" [ed. !!!!]), Hoffman gets the last word:
"The Republican Party is a big tent party that has a lot of views.... [ed. more like a circus tent, but anyway] This year we had the most diverse delegation at the convention that we have ever had. As I said before, Erica Herald was there, and did you know she's African-American?"
Yes, and a virgin too, I hear.

I don't see that they're promoting her all that hard, since the first thing they should do is spell her name right. If I Google Erica Herald, the first thing that comes up is press secretary to Jerry Brown of California. Wouldn't that be wild?

It's Erika with a K. And Harold with an A. And then an O.

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