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Thursday, October 21, 2004
But Don't Kill Donna Off, Please!
West Wing Debut
Martin Sheen is magnificent in the debut as the conflicted, but bold, President Josiah Bartlet, who sees a chance for Middle East peace even as his chief of staff and best friend, Leo McGarry (John Spencer), is urging military reprisal. The next three-episode arc may also be seen as a shot from "The West Wing" writers to get in their pre-election statement. In contrast to the Bush Administration's invasion of Iraq, it argues President Bartlet's refraining from military action could actually lead to a peace process.
Next week will be President Bartlet's last chance to influence the election in our "reality-based" realm. More important than baseball.


Off to do phone-banking. How did I ever manage my busy days when I still had a job?

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