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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
World Series of Debates, Game 3
You want to be watching the World Series instead of the Obama / Keyes "debate". Something in Keyes's tone of voice always gets me with those little flirty glances at the camera and rogueish rolling of eyes. If you recall, last week Keyes said that gay couples can't have children because they can't have "real" children, and so they'd never know who their real parents are, and so it "inevitably" leads to incest. Then he lectured us on logic. The audience was laughing so loud that Phil Ponce had to quiet them down.

But it's stopped being fun. Obama is so good, and so good at propping up the illusion that Keyes is a genuine contender. Of all the sessions I've seen so far, this is a good one for him, sitting down, talking face to face in a "natural" setting, no time limits, etc. And Phil Ponce is a decent moderator.

Have been interrupted on the phone far too much this evening to do a good job of live-blogging, so this will have to be about it. Illinois, it's almost over.

All you other states, be afraid. Be very afraid.... *

*not really...

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