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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Last Chance
... to see Alan Keyes make a fool of himself, a mockery of the electoral process, and a reason to keep the Republicans far, far, away from government.

On the plus side, you get to see Barack Obama speak moderately and intelligently about a variety of things. In Chicago, PBS has it, starting 7:00 pm, CST. Check Obama's Blog for a few more links.

The blog also has a great writeup of one of the trips we've been taking to Wisconsin.

Good late-afternoon, all. Have been blogging only moderately in recent days since my outrage at all things Bush has experienced such overload that I've been reduced to lying on the couch and sputtering incoherently while watching sitcoms.

Speaking of Barack Obama, there's a wonderful picture of him in a New Yorker spread with Jimmy Carter (and dozens of other great pictures too) taken by the late Richard Avedon. Still, solemn, deep brown eyes, a beautiful mouth that has just twitched from recognizing the absurdity of being photographed by a famous fashion photographer.

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