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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Good News / Bad News
Judge Rebuffs GOP Effort To Contest Voters in Ohio
Judge Susan J. Dlott in Cincinnati issued an order preventing local election boards from going forward with plans to notify challenged voters and hold hearings until she hears legal arguments tomorrow. But because her ruling means that those election board hearings cannot take place within the time frame state law requires before the election, Dlott's ruling kills the GOP effort that had targeted 35,000 voters, Democratic and Republican party officials said.

David Sullivan, director of the Democratic Party's Voter Protection Program in Ohio, praised the ruling and said the GOP was never able to offer proof that the challenged voters were ineligible. "The Republican assault on tens of thousands of Ohio voters was an unprecedented effort to intimidate voters, especially minorities, but, it has backfired," he said.
But it means the thugs they're putting at the polls will slowly, very slowly challenge voters when they go to vote.

So, if at all possible, vote ahead of time, before the thugs get there. Bring every piece of ID you have with you to the polls. Be prepared to outlast them. Don't drop out of a long line. Let the Republican in front of you drop out first.

Maybe we should try challenging the Republicans and see how they like it. I'm sure we'll find plenty of felons, people from out of state, people who sometimes sign with a middle initial, sometimes not -- you know, criminals.

Good evening, folks. Oh, the good news was that Boston won the World Series. I find this a very good omen indeed.

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