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Thursday, October 28, 2004
All Quiet On the Set
Shhhhh... and would you step over there? You're in my light.

They're filming next door to me, a movie called "The Passenger." Caught a scene in which 2 people come out of a store (local storefront tricked out as an antique store -- it's not) and get into a car and have a conversation. They of course do it over and over again, waiting as trains pass, busses backfire, cars honk, light at the corner turns red, etc.

They used to film a lot in the Chicago area but then they stopped. Used to be a lot of John Hughes, coming-of-age stuff done bringing much business to the neighborhood. If our dear Democratic governor is pulling them in again, good.

Must just go and make sure my makeup is on straight. Oh, dear... what did I do with those headshots....?

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