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Monday, October 04, 2004
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Ill., Wisc. residents can buy refill prescriptions abroad
CHICAGO (AP) — The governors of Illinois and Wisconsin on Monday launched the first state-sponsored program to help residents buy less expensive prescription drugs from Europe and Canada — despite federal laws banning prescription drug importation.

The program, called I-SaveRx, works through a Canada-based clearinghouse and says it can save residents 25% to 50% off U.S. retail prices on about 100 prescription medications....

"There's no reason why our citizens should have to pay twice as much for safe prescription medicines as the rest of the world, but that's exactly the situation we're in because the federal government refuses to take on the drug companies," Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle said in a news release. "This initiative gives our citizens another option."
So, just suck on it, FDA.

Plan sounds a little complex, but since most U.S. companies mysteriously raised the price of drugs by just about the amount of the asinine Medicare "discount" card (that you have to pay for), 50 percent off trumps complexity.

Though perhaps the drug-bus industry will now be sad. I think a lot of seniors looked forward to the old renewal trips, plus the chance to play some good bingo.

FYI, here's a link:

I-SaveRx prescription drug importation program: www.I-SaveRx.net

The program also can be accessed by calling 1-866-ISAVE33.

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