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Sunday, October 03, 2004
This Is Us!
So this is where the Chicago group went...

Dems here lend their help in Wisconsin
"There's no more room on the bus!" organizer Jonas Heineman shouted as he hustled car rides for the rest of the volunteers....

But as Illinois Democrats try to win the hearts and minds of Wisconsin voters, Illinois Republicans are staying here.

"We are keeping the troops home because we believe we have a chance to stage an upset here," said Robert K. Kjellander, regional chairman of the Bush-Cheney campaign. [ed. ha ha ha ha ha ]
In Evanston while standing around, I talked at length to a guy writing for the Reader, so I may become famous this week, tho most likely not. For some reason they always like to interview me (I think I've mentioned it before).

Pictures should be arriving shortly....

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