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Monday, October 04, 2004
Art Crawl
Here's a few pictures from Waukesha, WI this weekend. (see below). The Democratic office is just to the right across the street in the second picture. I thought I caught both. Now I'll have to go back.

We have 2 days to finish voter registration in Illinois, so I may be tied up for a bit. If you folks can go do something political, I highly recommend it.

More to write later. People ask me, what do you talk about to all these strangers you ride busses with, or drive all over creation? Well, this week we had a stirring conversation about how to "help" out a cat in heat with a Q-Tip, which led to the time a cat sat in this guy's lap and started licking him, to the roommate with the sharp knife who never unclenches his hands, to the draft, and again to the draft, and again to the draft.

This is the place...

A few of the artists...

And an opening wouldn't be complete without food. River North, eat your heart out...

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