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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Good Morning
Now that the convention is over -- what? You say it isn't? There's still more to come? You mean, they haven't actually nominated Barack Obama yet?

WTF are they waiting for?

Good morning, folks. AM started off rough and scary, with computer booting up in partially weird mode. Seems to be ok now. Have redownloaded virus programs and am scanning, just in case, tho protection has been in place since day one on this thing and has never been allowed to lapse. And I don't visit virussy porn sites all that often.

Keep forgetting to add labels to my posts, so if you're subscribed to the feed and keep getting irritating pings, it's just me labeling things. Unfortunately, since I still use the "Classic" Blogger template, I can't use the label widget in the sidebar. Would like to migrate, but don't like the generic look of the new templates, not that this one is much better, but it gets the job done.

Have One More Thing(TM) I want to do for the next Darkdevil County release, but don't of course, want to step on the political process and hog all the news. I must learn patience and humility.


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