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Friday, August 22, 2008
Your Weekly Sheep

I probably took enough pix at the Illinois State Fair to keep you in sheep for quite some time, but it's more fun to ration them.

This one was looking particularly dim and sheepish. If you're desperate for more sheep, perhaps next week I'll give you the front end of last week's nudie pinup. I even have a few completely clothed, and not in wool sweaters.

Good afternoon, friends. If you're checking this on the run, and want to see some good art in Evanston, come on by from 3-6 (maybe a little later, too) to the basement of the Noyes Cultural Arts Center for our printmaking studio show. I know, I know. Very short notice, but that's the way it goes some days.

UPDATE:You missed an excellent, tho crowded show -- esp. since we don't have air conditioning. Really, the place was packed. One of the artists, Diana Kass, sold at least 4 prints, and not for dead cheap. This is heartening news for us all.

If anyone out there came by this morning and was locked out: sorry. They were testing the fire alarms and it was sticky and unpleasant. See ya next week.


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