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Wednesday, August 13, 2008
I Saw the Butter Cow

... and a lot of goats

... and Bill Richardson

I ate a polish sausage and a just-milked cream puff, but not this:

They pretty much sell everything on a stick, such as pizza:

Where can you find all this and more? The Illinois State Fair, of course. Today was the Democratic Party State convention and I went as a delegate (which basicly meant I went there and listened to a lot of mostly brief speeches). I heartily recommend going. It's free (or costs practically nothing) to get in -- even parking is only about 10 bucks -- and anything you might want to see is free. Some exhibits cost 25 cents. I didn't know you could get anything for 25 cents. Tons of low tech fun, human scale, G-rated rides. A little cheesy in a good way. This was my first time, and I only saw about an hour of it (mostly in my sprint toward the Butter Cow). If anyone wants to go back with me next year, let me know. Maybe we can all share a motel room.

As always Dick Durbin and Jan Schakowsky were wonderful speakers (she even drove me home). And I'm always surprised at how well our governor Blagojovich does in public. But at the breakfast (which we missed, since it's a 4 hour bus ride and we left at 6 am) and the convention all the battling state parties (upstate/downstate, Madigan vs, the world, etc. etc.) were on best behavior. Schakowsky told me in the car that at the big rally and picnic (which had perhaps a little too freely flowing beer) various groups expressed their differences rather vocally. But that's the Democratic party. That's the way it goes.

Missed all that in search of the Butter Cow. She was beautiful. People felt compelled to whisper around her.

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