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Saturday, August 02, 2008
My Hips Thank You
Settlement will reduce carcinogens in potato chips
Four food manufacturers agreed to reduce levels of a cancer-causing chemical in their potato chips and french fries under a settlement announced Friday by the state attorney general's office.

California sued H.J. Heinz Co., Frito-Lay, Kettle Foods Inc., and Lance Inc. in 2005, alleging they violated a state requirement that companies post warning labels on products with carcinogens.

The companies avoided trial by agreeing to pay a combined $3 million in fines and reduce the levels of acrylamide in their products over three years, officials said.
Um... I didn't know there were carcinogens in potato chips. I thought the trans fat was the stuff out to get me. Apparently not. Does this mean that California manufacturers will be dumping their cancer-filled products here in the Chicago area? Does this mean I was right to stick with the luscious orange-fingery Cheetos? Or should I just stop eating altogether?

Good morning, friends. Since it looks like a perfect day outside -- temps just skimming 80 degrees on the under side, puffy clouds skittering by, low humidity -- I am of course here inside talking to you. You, of course, are elsewhere, not listening.

So I will shut up and leave the house too. The progress report for Darkdevil County can wait until later.


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