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Tuesday, August 05, 2008
Very Lucky
Survived 2 big lines of storms marching through the Chicago area toward the lake. How about you?*

Is dark and gray -- weather.com shows bad storms passing to the south of the city. Our north-south distance is huge. My house tends is usually between weather cells that part and go north and south. If I stand on the sidewalk, I can often see horrible weather striking just a few blocks to the north.

Last night a cell passed directly overhead, however -- looked to be only a mile or two in size, but was colored the darkest purple/orange on the map and stayed overhead forever. I don't think I'd ever seen such intense lightning flashes ever before -- and continuous. Scary.

Hope the beach is open. Runoff and storm sewer openings often close it. Went swimming yesterday evening just before it all struck. Was glorious.

More later.

*Sorry -- I guess if you're one of the quarter million here without power you're not going to see this.

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