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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
The Time Has Come
After seeing the polls this morning, I realize that I (and you, and the rest of us) have coasted this summer, enjoying the beautiful weather, the lake (wave action last evening was too strong for much more than a dip -- water temperature was above 73 degrees, however), and our pitiful little lives.

So have moved the political links up to the top and advise you all to do the same. It is imperative we do not let George Bush have a third term in office, because that's exactly what we'll get with John McCain.

I find him a very distressing, two-faced individual. If I have to hear one more thing about Barack Obama not really being an American, let me just say one freeking thing:

McCain wasn't even born in this country. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone. So don't give me none of that crap.

While I can admire his fortitude of 50 years ago, (tho, according to his own party's current standards, he's lying about being tortured) ever since that moment his life has been a mess, with ethically dubious decisions at every turn.

When he dumped the old wife and married up to one of the wealthiest women in the world (he currently has $600 shoes, 7 or 8 houses, etc. etc. just like Paris), that was only the start. Whenever it becomes inconvenient to hold an opinion, he will change it. If you don't believe me, just google him and compare what he says from venue to venue, reporter to reporter. He is a slut.

I'm sorry I have to point out the negatives in anyone, but he's gotten a free ride just about everywhere. Until now.

So, good morning, and let's get real about the world.

PS: the NRA have won in my town. They have run scared of spending $200,000 defending their city gun control ordinances. Only one alderman (Elizabeth Tisdahl) voiced a contrary opinion. I am proud that she represents my ward.

This is what you get if you have an administration out of control that can appoint monsters to the Supreme Court.

With another Bush term, we could lose not just the right to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, but even the right to contraception itself. The erosion of our personal liberties could continue, and the huge hand of big oil and telecom could crush us all.

Sorry to sound so dramatic before coffee, but I'm mad as hell this AM.

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