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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
They've Got Their Narrative
... and they're sticking to it.

It's like they scripted what was supposed to happen, what questions the reporters were supposed to ask, what banter they were going to stupidly engage in, a couple of years ago.

The absolute stupidist [ed. misspelling intentional] exchange was on PBS (I think) where Judy Woodruff was interviewing 2 delegates, a young first-time woman and a 6-time older woman.

The questioning was normal and boring for awhile, then she asked the older woman, who had been a Clinton supporter, whether she was still for Clinton (or to that effect). Woman responded that she was now whole-heartedly for Obama.

Woodruff wouldn't let up. "Aren't you just a little bit still for Hillary?" she asked in a desperately wheedling, insinuating voice.

"No. I'm 100 percent for Obama," the woman replied firmly with a steely look in her eye.

Clearly disappointed, Woodruff then turned to the younger woman, who talked glowingly of her enthusiasm for Obama ever since she first saw him at the convention 4 years ago -- when she couldn't possibly have been old enough to vote -- and had been working for this for 2 years.

I hear this was happening all over the place last night. They were prowling around, trying to stick to threads of their story line, and were coming up empty. And this morning, that's all you see on the news.

Please! Someone come up with a new scriptwriter for these guys! Preferably someone not in the pay of the GOP!

Hillary speaks tonight. This should seal the deal, with any luck.

And then we just have to stick Bill in Siberia for the next few months.

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