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Sunday, August 24, 2008
Loose vs. Tight
Bought a Women For Obama t-shirt (or rather, a tank top) in support of the cause yesterday. Is supposedly a size xLarge, but not in any universe I've ever bought clothes in. Even the woman who sold it to me, who usually wears a size small, and this summer has been biking around wearing her daughter's cute little skirt with bike shorts (sometimes without), wears a Large.

Ordinarily I schlep around in stuff I found years ago at Salvation Army or in hand-me-ups from the fashion conscious teens and preteens in the family, or the abandoned shirts and pants from my sister's ex-husband's closet. Those of you who have seen me know that the Old School Feminist Woman look is not a good look on me.

And who's fooling whom, when it comes to wearing t-shirts down to your knees that could double as a dog-blanket for a really really big dog? As though maybe people will think you really are a dog? And not a female one?

So, I put on the t-shirt, with the lettering directly across the boobs, feeling as naked as last week's sheep.

"You look so cute!" was my friend's comment. I doubt anyone has said that to me ever before. Not even..... no, not even then.

"But--" I started, thinking about the Cadbury's Chocolate I'd been eating lately and where it was showing up.

"Aw, who cares?" she said. "They know what you look like."

And now you do too:


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