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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
PUMA Killer Unleashed on Unsuspecting Audience
Hillary Clinton was magnificent tonight, so many good lines. I must admit I teared up a bit at times. History, as it does, was moving briskly along.

I hope she's out there every step of the way walloping McCain repeatedly. No one can do it better. I hope she's convinced the last few wounded PUMAs to aim their claws at a different target. We need every fighter we can get if we're going to win in November.

You new voters were only 2 or 3 when Bill Clinton was first elected, and very young children during the whole 8 years. What you mostly know is the twisted, dark, hopelessness of the Bush/Cheney world view. This isn't the way it's supposed to be, and isn't the way it was during the Clinton years.

When you go out and vote for the first time, don't take your native cynicism to the voting booth. And don't let it keep you home, either. Please choose Barack Obama. You deserve a good life, and a good president too.

"No way. No how. No McCain."

What do you bet that the press will stick with the same narrative now?

An aside: Watched PBS, only changing channels when the talking heads came on, so missed the first few minutes of the very good interview Judy Woodruff (whose questions I zapped, since I just can't stand the way she asks them) did with Michelle Obama. If you're still curious about her, you should check it out.

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