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Thursday, November 02, 2006
IL-6th -- Duckworth Up by 14??
Thank you, Speedo* and wife!

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This doesn't mean we stop campaigning, or decide not to vote because "she already has enough." NO NO NO!

I think the DCCC has made some brilliant ads on her behalf (the current one aimed at women, beginning "I'm a Republican" comes to mind), and some impressive ad placements (like all last night, and during "Lost").

But the endorsements are doing the job. When I was out canvassing, that was what impressed people a lot.

Don't know whether it's been mentioned anywhere, but one of the slime ads has her supporting the "Kennedy" immigration bill, neglecting to say that it's actually the "Kennedy/McCain" bill. So who should appear in support of Roskam (hence in hypocritical opposition to his own bill) the other day than Saint "Torture is ok for the other guys" McCain.

Enough. Is snowing out. I was hoping it would be lovely and warm, so that I could urge folks out of the house or office Right Now to vote, since in Illinois Nov. 2nd is the last early voting day.

But you'll have to drag yourself out, I guess.

SO, ok, Rahm. Let's throw some money at Dan Seals. His opponent, the odious Mark Kirk, who recently threatened to get a strong supporter of both Israel and Dan Seals thrown off the board of a university in Israel, is not a moderate. He votes with Bush 90 percent of the time and is called the "invisible man" around the North Shore, only showing up at fundraisers every few years.

I think what particularly bugs me about Kirk is that he gets high marks and love bites from the press for his PR on SAFE, NO-BRAINER DEMOCRATIC ISSUES. Where's the logic? Why not get a GENUINE Democrat instead and increase your options?

There. That's enough for now, if I'm going to leave the house and hit the volunteer circuit in person.

*If you haven't seen it, refers to the goofy ad where Roskam says they don't ban books in his house and wife chimes in that the only things banned are Speedos, with picture of Roskam in a Speedo. Euuuuwwwww. Euuuuuuuuuuwwww!

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