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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Good, It Is Online
George Allen, a Republican, who was also contemplating a Presidential race, rode the parade route on a jumpy horse called Bubba, and forecast a victory in his current reëlection campaign. Notably missing from the event was Allen’s Democratic opponent, James Webb. To the consternation of some on his team, he had skipped the ritual opening of his first political campaign in favor of a private ritual, three hundred miles away.

At Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, members of the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, were preparing for deployment to Iraq. Among them was Webb’s only son, Lance Corporal James R. Webb, known as Jimmy.
Just finished reading the profile of Webb vs Allen in the current New Yorker. Outstanding, long article, and am glad to see it's online.

It makes no sense to me that Webb isn't slaughtering the competition in the South. What's wrong with these people? In practically every way he's an old-fashioned conservative who just happens to think that destabilizing an entire region is bad, and was bad during the first Gulf war too. He believes that government is good for building roads and dams and other stuff bigger than a breadbox, but keep them the hell out of everything else. He has made fun of the (really, just an urban myth and/or media generated stereotype, as far as I'm concerned) bluechip liberal bunch, just like a stereotypical Republican. He actually is a southern boy himself, unlike the fake Cowboy-from-Cali "Macacca" Allen.

I think that if elected, Webb might vote with the Dems 70 or 80 percent of the time, depending on the issue, which is bothersome for some who have one acid-test or another that must be met. (This iconclastic trait has bothered many about Barack Obama too).

So those of you in Virginia who don't want to vote for Allen but aren't sure about Webb either, take a look at this article. People who say they vote for the person, not the party should pay particular attention.

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