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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Dan Seals Only Down By 2!!!!

From the Votemaster:
Over in the House, we have some unbelievable polls from RT Strategies/CD. In IL-08, Rep. Melissa Bean (D) has a lead of 3% as expected, but in IL-10, Mark Kirk (R) is leading Dan Seals (D) by only 2%. In 2004, the Republicans took this district by 28%.
I hear he's only just started running his commercials, and a lot of folks still don't know enough about him to get the "Mark Kirk is a moderate who reflects my views" meme out of their heads.

While he may not be a nut, Mark Kirk is NOT a moderate. He's voted with the GOP Leadership 90 percent of the time, and just throws the IL-10th scraps of pork every now and then to keep them down.

Folks, this race is win-able, and win-able big time. The key will be turnout and breaking through the giant barrier of voter burnout and hatred of the entire sorry process. Dan needs funds and volunteers.

The biggest thing the now-constant outpouring of negative ads does is envelop the nation in dark despair, a reminder of who has the power and who has the money. The point of it is to wear you down, reduce turnout, confuse you so you don't know what's true and what isn't.

At this point in the cycle, there is no time left for truth to emerge and be taken to court against slander. Democracy can be ugly, folks. Just close your ears and eyes, try to remember how safe and comfortable you felt before this crew took over, VOTE EARLY, and laugh laugh laugh.

Art chatter will be back soon, I promise.

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