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Monday, October 02, 2006
Dropping Like Flies
Oh, please, please, let Hastert be next. Please!

In any case, John Laesch, who is trying to run his campaign on the 20 bucks his grandma gave him for his birthday when he was 10, needs your love. He seems like a very good, decent guy, big heart, good sense of humor too.

No, people. The Democrats aren't the ones with the horns and hooves. Not by a long shot. Decent 52 year old men don't talk to kids like this. They don't initiate exchanges like this. I don't care if people say the kids talk to each other like this. They're not the ones in power. They're not the ones trying to legislate morality on the rest of us. They're not supposed to be the grownups, the role models.

There's something wrong with a political party that tries to contain the story, that always thinks of campaign problems first, that knew about Foley's problems but did nothing. The stuff posted on the ABC site almost vindicates the hatchet job they pulled on Clinton a week or so ago. Sounds like they didn't blink when Foley's chief of staff (I think) tried to cut a deal. And apparently even more former pages are coming forward now and telling their stories. Good for them.

Rove's head has to be about to explode. He wouldn't dare try to swiftboat them, would he? Would he?

Thank you, Howard Dean, for forcing Democrats to run in all districts, all 50 states. The way things are going, we're going to use up EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

P.S.: huge storm just passed thru, hail worse than last one, wind not as bad, still raining. Had just started (finally) the yearly self-portrait after mucking out the studio, and left the windows open.

Guess I better go down and do some more mucking out.

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