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Friday, September 29, 2006
Invasive Species
One of the things I've been up to lately (click on it for a slightly bigger view):

Have had problems with Emerald Ash Borer around here -- one of my favorite trees in Gillson Park is a Green Ash from the 1740s, and several others in the area are nearly as old, so am nervous.

Have decided I must do 200 of these, not just bug bugs, because not just bugs are invasive species. Plants are (according to the website) too.

Funny, it doesn't mention us. Because we humans (and especially we American humans) are quite invasive. I may give some of these creatures political faces.

Image is very hairy chine collé with etching on black paper rolled up with orange ink. (Your colors may vary), but it looks a bit like bark. The bug is "artists conception" of something scary. The actual creature is tiny, apparently, and not amusing and cartoon-like at all.

Ah well. Late.

Rambling. Must go. Is late. Perhaps I already said that.

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