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Friday, September 22, 2006
Huge storm, giant, sudden wind came thru just now -- the sirens went off -- I grabbed the computer and headed away from windows, and glad I did. Neighbor's lawn furniture has collapsed against the side of my house. A few drops of rain got in this keyboard, so now the function keys don't work (or else I hit a combination that has got something stuck). Should probably turn this thing off and take a hairdryer to it.

Is strange what all you think about when you suddenly realize a tornado actually might hit you. About 30 seconds of terror and disbelief, realizing that, yes, this is what the sirens are for (tho might be a nuclear attack, for which I was well-trained in grade school, at least), and the only thing you remember is, "Get away from the windows!" Doubly important in my case, since practically all of them have cracks or huge un-repaired chunks in the elderly glass.

My little red table next to the chair where I sit and think outside flew about 30 or 40 feet, the width of the lot, landing next to a board I'd never seen before -- possibly from the construction behind me? If so, truly scary.

And the sound of hail! Like gravel! Like space rocks! I have a tin roof on my front porch and a very thin, flat one on the extension where my studio is. The sound can drive you mad.

I thought about grabbing my camera, but, as always:

It's In the Car.

Have a Happy Friday. At least the WI-FI has survived.

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