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Thursday, September 07, 2006
Funny Art Story
Just got back from helping to hang the Beyond Boundaries show at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative.

Everything looked wonderful after we arranged and rearranged for color and texture and thickness and content. Then we stepped back to admire and backslap and counted. 33.

And counted again. Still 33.

And counted again. Still 33.

Two pieces were missing.

A frantic search of studios and offices ensued, and the pair were found struggling to get away. They were apprehended and nailed to the wall.

(i know, i know.... dumbb)

So the show is up. You can drop by this Saturday afternoon to see it (not the big official opening -- that's during Arts Month in October, when the postcard collection will be available -- very cool, and I wrote the first draft of the blurb, the one that had to be cut for space as you could probably have predicted from reading these bloggings).

Until then, you can catch my stuff at Morpho Gallery, opening Friday, 6-11 pm.

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