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Friday, September 01, 2006
And Now It REALLY Begins
If you're looking for something worthwhile to do this Labor Day weekend -- and let's remember that Labor Day is about the ordinary worker, the poor schlub currently serving in Iraq, Wal-Mart, or in the job you currently have -- and if you're in Illinois, you can find something to your liking here:

IllinoisDemNet: What Does Grassroots Look Like?

The same group who was so successful canvassing throughout Wisconsin last time is organizing carpools to districts far and wide in Illinois this time.

This Saturday we'll be helping out Dan Seals. Organizer Daniel Biss writes:
Dan is a fantastic candidate who's burst on the scene and really energized activist communities throughout the region. (And, incidentally, his campaign office is about 20 miles closer than anywhere else we've been going recently!)

Come join us on Saturday to see what all the fuss is about and help select a progressive Democrat in what used to be the reddest of Republican strongholds!

We'll be meeting at the
Northfield Township Democratic Office
1926 Waukegan Road
Glenview, IL, 60025
at 10am THIS Saturday, September 2.

We're also carpooling, as usual, from DPoE (826 Custer Street in Evanston) and the DePaul campus (corner of Sheffield & Belden in Chicago). We'll be leaving at 9:30am.
If you don't know anything about Dan, Archpundit has a link to good stuff.

If that isn't enough, and you want to meet him and his family in person, come on along to the BBQ this Sunday at 3:00 pm:

Wheeling Recreation Center and Aquatic Center
327 W. Dundee
Wheeling, IL

The park entrance is located on Dundee Road, west of Milwaukee Ave. and east of Wheeling Rd. Look for Dan Seals signs and volunteers who will direct you to the entry.

Since I've been having some problems with feet and knees this year, not sure how much of the canvass I can do, but will try.

And of course, you can always canvass with your pocketbook...

A note about the 10th being a Republican stronghold -- it's not, not really. It voted for Kerry, last time. It's been allowed to drift because the DCCC has NEVER provided funding here and the Republican incumbent is very good at manipulating the press. I think Lee Goodman, a good and consciencious man, had about $250 bucks to run with vs Bush screaming terror every five minutes and Mark Kirk pretending to be a centrist (he's not -- as Assistant Majority Whip he votes with Bush and the Republican leadership 91 percent of the time). He may throw a bone to lakefront communities every now and then with plenty of press (like about dredging or whatever), but when it comes to the Red Meat issues (Iraq, Terry Schaivo crap, etc.) he's All Rove All the Time.

Check it yourself with Vote Smart (note -- the latest is that Kirk refuses to disclose his positions to this worthy group. Not good.)

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