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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Suppose He's a Republican?
He's certainly acting like one:

FBI Investigates Popular Artist Kinkade

At least 10 former dealers nationwide have alleged in arbitration claims that the ''Painter of Light'' -- a California native beloved by some but reviled by the art establishment -- exploited his Christianity to persuade people to invest in the galleries, which sell only Kinkade's work.

After they had invested tens of thousands of dollars each, the ex-owners said, the company's policies drove them out of business. They say they were saddled with limited-edition prints no one wanted to buy [ed. there is some hope for the world], forced to open stores in inappropriate venues and undercut by discount galleries peddling the same items at prices they couldn't match.

Some also say Kinkade -- who claims to be the most widely collected living U.S. artist -- schemed to devalue his public company, Media Arts Group Inc., so he could buy it on the cheap. In 2004, Kinkade and other investors paid $32.7 million to take Media Arts Group private, changing its name to Thomas Kinkade Co.

Good evening, friends. Another rainy day here with machines tormenting my ears. And a new twist -- I have been apparently sharing my peanut butter with a squirrel.

For the last few days I had noticed that the peanut butter jar that usually sits (usually with top off) waiting in readiness near the toaster had fallen to the floor. Since I'm none too steady when aiming for the toast in the morning before I've had coffee, I thought nothing of it, or figured it had something to do with the construction out back.

Until I caught him literally red handed -- or rather brown handed -- or perhaps brown nosed, head in the jar. We stood eye to eye as he scampered all over the place trying to get back out -- finally escaped over a loose board next to the window air conditioner.

But euuuwww.... eeeuuuwww.....eeeeeeewwwwwuuuuuu.... ptuuiiii.... pttuiiiii....

And that comment goes equally just letting my brain rest for a second on the image of a Kinkade cottage.


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