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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Signage of the Times -- Dan Seals for Congress
Seals everywhere, as far as the eye can see...

More than 50 volunteers assembled 3000 signs for Democrat Dan Seals (looking to unseat the unspeakable Mark Kirk in the Illinois 10th Congressional District) this afternoon. It only took 2 hours to slide them on the wires, staple them, and get them neatly stacked in the garage in convenient groups of 50, ready to go.

Imagine how pleasant and efficient government can be with this kind of organization and fervor!

I talked with one 80 yr old plus gent whose wife has organized a "Republicans for Seals" group. They had expected maybe 20 or 30 people to come to their first meeting and were flabbergasted when over 90 showed up -- and not all of them dems!

He remembers voting for Rumsfeld, way back when. "Not the same man," he said. "Nor am I."

Well said.

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