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Thursday, August 10, 2006
We Don't Know What To Think
After seeing all the headlines and screaming news alerts, I'm confused:

(click on it if you can't read it)

This from the actual Homeland Security site. I thought Red Alert meant (now that communism has been thwarted) tons of horrible things were imminent. But I guess we're just supposed to go shopping as usual. Elevated is no biggie. Been there, done that. We all know it will never dive down to a comfortable temperature in our lifetimes.

Good afternoon, friends. Or rather, here we go again. According to The Guardian, Bush and Blair discussed this on Sunday, and the investigation has been going on for months. If a Red Alert was needed, why wasn't it posted the minute George knew? And if the nation is in such dire peril just because Joe Lieberman didn't win his primary, imagine what would happen if he did!

Thank goodness George is on vacation again, or at a fundraiser or something, or maybe flying around the country until he sobers up and not in Washington during these dangerous days. My cynicism and snarkiness have been fed by too many cries of "wolf," is the problem.

If this is a genuine plot and not just a bunch of students or unemployed guys sitting around talking big and getting off on it, we sincerely thank the vigilance of the Brits.

Now maybe they can find Osama while they're at it.

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