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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Fat Lady Auditions
...in progress in Connecticut, other states to follow.

Good evening, friends. What an exciting evening! Even though I don't have cable (and my WIFI has collapsed again), have been following the Lieberman/Lamont fight online in a couple of blogs.

Regardless of what the pundits and consultants tell you, my fellow Democrats, when the voters have had enough, they will vote you away.

So those of you who wanted to play it "safe" and vote for the "safe" candidate for the fall (what they keep telling us Lieberman is), you now have no fear, and you are forgiven for trying to play the game. And you get a rich guy, too! I thought Ned Lamont handled himself remarkably well on the Daily Show clip I saw.

Joe, if you really don't do the gracious thing and call the winner and congratulate him, and throw your support behind him, etc. etc., like all the other primary losers since the dawn of time have done, you will have tainted your memory even more than you've done these past few years by cuddling up to the Evil Ones.

So there you go.

Have nearly completed setting the poem on the press. It's only taken about 18 hours solid, no joke, since I don't have enough leads to brace it correctly, so the type keeps collapsing and has to be redone. Just need to get the title line on, and I'm done. Then perhaps will scan it in and show you so you can jeer.

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