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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Fugitive Girl Law Set to Pass
They don't call it this, but this is what it is:

Senate set to pass minors abortion bill
The Senate today is expected approve a bill that punishes anyone who helps a girl cross state lines to obtain an abortion without notifying her parents.
Yes, it would be great if a girl had an open and caring enough relationship with her parents to discuss abortion and other alternatives with them in an intelligent and loving setting.

How many families does this sound like, however? If it is indeed a loving and caring family, the girl might be mortified and embarrassed to "fail" her family by getting knocked up. If it's not, at best they'll kick her out of the house (yes, it happens) or beat the shit out of her and/or her boyfriend.

Regardless, even a young person must have rights too.

This is a bad, bad law, and just encourages a whole underground and blackmarket culture of lying, deceit, false ids, etc.

I don't know a single girl/woman who told her parents that she was pregnant before she damn well wanted them to know (whether she was married or single). Women (and young girls, since I was one once) of my generation went alone or with each other to the clinic quietly and privately. I find it appalling that I could be prosecuted for letting a young friend of my niece or nephew stay with me while she has the procedure.

The world is not a perfect place, is it? So girls, let's not get knocked up, ok? Get yourself contraception right now if you've started fooling around (don't rely on the guy, please please please -- you guys, stop harrassing the girls and be stand-up fellas, ok?). Don't play games with your future. I know. I was there.

Good morning from a sad day on a sad planet.

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