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Sunday, June 25, 2006
1 painting every day
Cool "a day" blog by Jeremiah Palecek, SAIC BFA type now living in Prague, aiming for a painting a day, inspired by Duane Keiser's blog, but much much funkier.

He does 1 painting every day, blogs some commentary as well, and has over 160 paintings by now.

From the profile:
I believe it is important to create permanent replicas of digital media because it is something that so many of us experience. By setting out with a goal of making a painting a day I feel that i started looking at a lot of imagery differently. Anything can become a painting, and when you have a quota of one painting a day you need to draw imagery from wherever you can.
I tried to do a "Lake" a day (check out the Lake Michigan craypas drawings I did religiously for awhile.)

This kind of activity is necessary, but so very hard, since life, depression, self-doubt etc. etc. always intervenes.

Go, Jeremiah, go!

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