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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
More Woes
Now the dialup has gone wacko.

So am sitting in the parking lot of the Panera bread store -- don't know whether they turn the server off when they close the store, which is likely to be soon.

Have had it with Compuserve, my servant for more than 20 years. Spoke to a fine support tech in India who illegally tried a) then tried b) then tried c) -- since in theory Compuserve doesn't support dialup networking, and doesn't support Microsoft XP, if you can believe it. Still can't get my account to go thru.

Wonder if installing today's XP fixes had anything to do with it, or maybe if tomorrow morning everything will be fine again. Have just used the account as an occasional backup, but it's come in handy when I've been on the road, since there's a local dialup number everywhere.

They really really really want you to go thru their portals, don't they?

Hmmm. Parking lot is somewhat crowded for this time of night. Wonder if everyone else is typing away too.

WI-FI is wonderful. It works 100 percent of the time all the time, rain or shine (more or less) as long as you're in range.

UPDATE: Apparently the reason my dialup doesn't work any more does indeed have to do with the new overagressive XP security fixes. I have to figure out how to uninstall one of them. God. Back to geekdom. Thought I'd left.

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