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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Surviving Devil Day
Well, we did it. We survived. All of us, except the usual number of slaughtered Iraqis. We survived 6/6/6. Bet Ann Coulter is pissed.

So take that, you 10 or 20 percent who kept answering the idiotic internet polls with uncertainty that we'd be here, or truly believed that a monsoon would strike Kansas or whatever. I hope it shakes your conservative, medieval-thinking, easily led souls to their core. (You are probably thinking that I, the Deviless herself, am now speaking these words, however, if you're who I think you are. I know these things. And I know where you live.).

So next time you see the history box in the newspaper ("On this day...") it will read, "6/6/6 -- Nothing Happened. Nada."

Today, however, my WI-FI is gone again. Now that's a tragedy.

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