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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Blogger Meetup With MoveOn
Yes, I did go this afternoon, but where were you all (you bloggers, I mean)?

Very pleasant meeting with Adam Green of MoveOn.org to talk about how to help bloggers communicate the message and get feedback on the message in return, etc. He said this little meet in Chicago was the very first they tried (only about 80 bloggers in the area contacted about it) -- he's out of Washington, so I feel somewhat honored to have been unemployed and at-loose-ends enough to head down there and represent.

Since I was (IMHO) the only "classic" blogger there, small (er, perhaps "elite" or "cherse" -- as my grandma would have said (now embedding another layer of parentheses)) readership, on not just politics but also knee warmers and art, am not sure I was coherent enough in the POV of the little guy. I'm surely not being coherent here.

I have no great ambitions to make money (like one of the people there) off this blog. I don't have a huge email list that gets a daily newsletter (like another one), or work in the business for a politico.

And I'm not real coherent when I talk to an actual human in person either. So, Adam, the word I was looking for at one point was "viral" -- it would be nice to find ways to infect the world at large with instant understanding of such issues as "net neutrality" (== good, "they" are trying to take it away and give it to Big Business -- is about all most people can comprehend or care to about this topic).

Another good thing -- had a chance to vent about the hideous uselessness of their "Action Forum" -- I have promised to forward a detailed critique of it, but don't know that there's enough time in the universe to write one. So anyone out there who has been as frustrated and feels as hateful as I do toward that single tool for feedback they have, please let me know and I'll send the comment along.

One idea he floated was simply to have a bloggers' blog or resource center that would be linkable, with useful action items like "campaign in a box" with talking points, scripts, flyers to download, etc., some or all of which could be useful. Maybe a page where members could post links to their blogs, too, and meet each other. Or a monthly conference call with some star bloggers or politicos.

I have no idea what he's going to take away from the meeting (except one person's resume, for sure). It was a very bad time of day for most people.

But what a nice guy, very sharp, and seemingly able to cut thru our ramblings and dig out some meat.

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